lundi 3 août 2020


Projet 2020-1-FR01-KA201-080521

eVe+ Quintessence partnership (Le cinquième élément : connaître les forces de la Nature et produire une énergie Durable) was accepted, according to the Erasmus+ French National Agency website.

Impacts will have to be more detailed by the High Schools' team, and the evaluation of our common applicant form was focused on 4 items we can meliorate:

- Progress in key abilities must be analysed and monitored by all the partners (not only the International Coordinator would have to take part in this process).

- Local opening to other schools, corporates and associations will have to be developed in every country.

- Evaluation tools and sequences must be more formalized especially for the Turkish school (because it is a newbie).   The team is described as "an appropriate set of four schools" and the inclusion of Cesme as a "win-win partnership".

- Dissemination may be planned with more precisions and events be implemented in each city.

All these issues will be in the agenda of R1 (the first transnational meeting - to be done in Riga, perhaps in December).

Félicitations à toutes et à tous ; espérons que la pandémie nous laisse lancer notre projet sans trop le perturber en début d'année prochaine !

jeudi 16 juillet 2020

ILARGIA LEAGUE REVIEW 2019 AND 2020 DELIVERIES: all on E+A (Noah) before and after the COVID!

Les numéros 1 et 2 de la revue ILARGIA sont consacrées essentiellement au compte-rendu du projet ERASMUSPLUSANIMALS.


Magazine créé avec Madmagz.


Magazine créé avec Madmagz.

samedi 27 juin 2020


Now waiting for the Decision of the National Agency (in July) about the "energyplus QUINTESSENCE Erasmus+" applicant form sent to the EU representatives, we'll have to come back to our Gantt Chart before to begin transnational and local activities from september, in order to complete the dispatching of Tasks. All the resources are not still identified since we first need to be absolutely sure to know:
1/ if the partnership is concretizing
2/ who (among our colleagues) is or not in the pedagogic team after the school managers finish the organizational plan for next year. Anyway, a part of the works will have to be done outside the classrooms, so people are free to join the moove!

Click on the picture above to see the Gantt Chart
Accéder à une ébauche du Diagramme de Gantt et à la présentation du partenariat QUINTESSENCE dans Notre Bureau Européen en cliquant sur l'image ci-dessus.