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INTERNATIONAL NOTE IC14: SCHEDULING OF eVe+ partnership after summer, 2022


Note de COORDINATION INTERNATIONALE n°13 – IC13 note / Le 27 juin 2022 Le cinquième élément : connaître les Forces de la Nature et produire une énergie durable 2020-2023

Energyplus QUINTESSENCE Erasmus+


It seems Olga and Sanita actually know the name of the new school they will teach in, from september. We hope now to be able to overcome all the bureaucratic issues in order to tranfer easily the convention etablished between former partner Rigas.18 and Lycée Ravel to this other school. We conjecture it can be simple enough since The transfer is between "locals" (I mean: is made in the same town, so that school money is managed by the same municipality).

II – The next mobility without student R2 TRANSNATIONAL MEETING is to be done from the 26th to the 29th of september in Türkiye and it seems all the teams will be in. The agenda and the location of this mobility were changed after the new schedule was fixed in Riga (R1) because the last meeting - previously to be implemented during the last school year - had to be cancelled (It was to be implemented in Cluj-Napoca: the postponement of this meeting till november makes it changing of number and becoming the eVe+ R3 transnational meeting). Concerning R2, the main topic may be to prepare together a virtual exchange beween our pupils, in order to make them more efficient in the last concrete mobility with students (so called C3) because the goal is to produce the best intellectual output we can. This formal remote co-working would be done in october (one or two videoconferences somewhere between the 10th and the 14th) after a phase of local production by some of our students (the most interested an/or talentuous in drawings). The next IC paper purpose will be about the instruction to give to our students in order to make them ready for the “warm up” session (after R2 and before remotely C).


C3 is planned in April / but it could be in reality a little delayed or advanced to avoid us to make two outing mobilities very close each others (as it was often the case after the end of the COVID crisis permiited a reboot of all old projects let "in stand by") : we need to take a decision about these dates during R2 (and not change it later). The same thing for R3 meeting: we can do it very early in november, before the 20th of november (since the european commission want to give us a prize so that request us to be free at this moment to go to Brussel or to make videoconferences in live) or later, in december.

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Note this european award (called EITA) is a label we'll obtain for a former partnership in wich not only the French school but also the Romanian partner were involved, reason why we may organize in Cluj-Napoca a little cultural event linked to this european label (and also I think we can make our General Assembly of ILARGIA league: the european teachers association we founded in 2018 with you Latvian pepole, too). It means for us staying one day more in Romania todo the symposium and the asembly, if Ramona and Monica are ok to organize the event in Transilvania (naturally, our friends from Cesme are welcome if they ant to join our assoication).


Reports about our mobilities are available in NBE+ (the special website made by the coordinator High School). The last study travel (HEART AND FIRE, in Romania) is presented at the address:

Quality Control is done by the way of some International Notes (you are reading the 13th IC and can find a copy online in the NBE+ blog, on: but also some check points (CP outcomes are edited in the FOLLOW UP section of the NBE+ website).

A larger dissemination is made by the QUINTESSENCE website in wich the best outputs and graphic novels we promised to do in our applicant form are published (or sometimes its will be):

BEST REGARDS / P-L Vanderplancke, eVe+ International Coordinator

IC 13

dimanche 26 juin 2022

E+ L.o.L. INTERNATIONAL COORDINATION - IC 4 quatrième note de coordination du projet TERRE DE LÉGENDES



Terre de Légendes : Partager des Mythes pour construire ensemble librement un destin commun 
2021 - 2023
le 20/06/22



REMINDER: The second exchange (E+ L.o.L. C2) will be implemented in France from the 10th to the 14th of october, 2022

Please think on the following meetings' dates. You can check its easyly using the long-term schedule made at the beginnings of the project (our monitoring page is available online: We need to have a conversation about C3 and C4 dates during C2, since the planning must be definitively consolitated as soon as possible. According to the plan, we were supposed to organize C2 event in France in October, 2022. Then C3 study travel to Romania in april, 2022 and C4 mobility in Türkiye in October, 2023. Do not forget, if you wish to make any change in this agenda, that a postponement may be very complicated (for instance: French students taking part in the partnership will have next year some exams in may-june, so that delaying C3 mobility may be concretely impossible).


You may find many pictures or movies on Facebook (NBE+ closed group) and also  on the Kwidzyn High School's website.

The official report is available on the NBE+ website (NBE+ is a special space dedicated by the coordinator High School to brainstorm and shares beween participants)

Some videos were edited also in the website done for public propaganda (on the welcome page, then clicking on the TERRE DE LÉGENDES tab


As you know the coordinator has to transmit to the Erasmus+ Agency some information on the process of implementation. I will have to explain the changes beween our promises and reality. As an example: according to the applicant form, a satisfaction questionnaire is to be filled before and after each mobility by participants, but I shall explain that C1 event was very late in the school year, reason why we decided to make pupils complete this forms during C2 exchange.

I pray you to compare the goals defined in the application with the things we actually did during the first school year and the mobility in Poland in order to help me to make a “check point” and ensure the efficience of the follow up. Thats is necessary to write reports good enough for the EU give us all the grants we claimed for (only 80% were paid) but also for us to obtain or to keep our label of Good Practice (a key to be accepted more quickly in the future programs the EU does fund). You ll find the first sketch of the presentation of CP1 results. The page ( in NBE+ ) will be updated from your answers; my hope is to obtain before July). Thanks a lot for filling asap the following chart (next page 2 /2)

Best regards to all of you.

P-L Vanderplancke /

vendredi 24 juin 2022


ForGreenCitizen (FGC) is KA1 Erasmus+ project between France and Norway : a little report  was published online in the French website dedicated to Erasmus+ from 2021 to 2026 .

Click on the picture below to read it!

French pupils will go to Norway during next school year. These exchanges are organized by two project holders in Saint Jean de Luz: Mrs Prof. Laurie Petoin (cooordinator) and Mrs Prof. Céline Fabisch