lundi 30 avril 2018


Students had to vote for the best selfie on totalitarianism visiting "Trois ans de Nuits Blanches" exhibition in Lycée Ravel. We know who was the winner (n° 9).
Teachers must still prepare the productions we have decided to implement in R3 Riga.


1. Olga and Sanita: How to make students work about ancient myths /
Baltic peoples protection signs, rituals

2. Ramona and P-L:  How to implement a transnational study /
Fears and Totalitarianism

3. Şerife: How to make students work about ancient myths /
Turkish people protection signs, rituals and objects

4. Ramona and P-L: Evaluation issues in Transnational projects

5.Vivienne: How to implement workshops to make students rewrite / Dracula myth

6. Alessandra and Edda :  How to exploit and to confront some texts  /
about old fears (Italian traditions) and modern fears (terrorism and Natural Hazards) / learning English and French as L2

    7. Şerife : How to make students tell their stories  in cartoons or animation.

     8. Şerife : How to make students create computer games related with turkish customs and rituals.

9. P-L: How to manage and to live a transnational Festival and a meeting with young foreigners involved in Erasmus+ program

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