vendredi 20 août 2021

MILLENIALS : ideas for eVe+ partnership


Our former expert Louis Fabriès took part in the movie making of THE ARK at the end of E+A project. His pictures of young amateur models are valorized during this summer by the "Troisième Session' galery, situated in Soorts-Hossegor.

We visited today the place, cause a great number of the "guest stars" were choosen by Louis among our students...  and also because the photographer / artist will probably be sollicited in order to support our current Erasmus+ partnership: eVe+ project.

Produce some graphics, drawings and all sort of pics to make together some transnational narratives is indeed one of the main goal of the european study we want to do about natural forces and sustainable energies.

About the exhibition:

REMINDER : the défilé made for Women's Rights in 2019

PROJET energyplus QUINTESSENCE erasmus+

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