mercredi 27 décembre 2017


International coordination note A27 * FM 5 _ 27/12/2017

Exhibition to be prepared for C5
French students will have to confront their own productions with yours in order to produce pannels to show the impact of a transnational approach on learning
Cesme team had sent us a power point and files were given to us by Cluj team during C04. So we are now waiting for Latvian contribution or/and other files from other partners, if you want to do more.
Italian students were focused on Global warming and fears about.. Edda did put on line pics and informations in Facebook : I 'll show part of its in our blog wich is supposed to be our common Journal. (Official Monitor)

About US neutralism and fears for Europe (and the World) to see America no more interested in global affairs... works must be finished and sent to French ccordinator before the 1st of february
About nukes and deterrence we ll wait for your works till the 1st of March.

Note that these informations were already put on line as R4 results:
    If we have time enough, French students will send you a feedback before to use your files (mixed to their own productions) in order to implement the exhibition.
We are praying you not to forget  if it was not still done, to give us files 
and informations that J-M Toto does need to prepare your national show: 
before the 20th of january.
You can also send me a list with your students'names and the characters they will 
play in the transnational dialogue (Vladut's Trip)
as it was written in FM4/A26 note !
Next Check Point in January !

-----to be continued------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

mercredi 15 novembre 2017


AGENDA - reminder
C5 from the 24th of April (Tuesday) to the 28th of April (Sunday) : 5 days.
R5 from the 10th of June (Sunday) to the 12th of June (Tuesday) : 3 days.

Note FM 4
International coordination note KA 26

I - Regarding the shows (both the transnational dialogue and the national drama that your team will play alone) thank you for sending me before 01/20/18 all materials that J-M Toto
is asking us to organize the event..

1. The music files and / or sound effects 
you want to use (if it seems necessary to you) during 
your national show or during the part of the common dialogue performed by your students. 
Please specify for which of the two shows you 
need this audio illustration !
2. A note you may write to specify the particular mood of light you want: night, day, dim lighting, etc.
Thank you to specify for which of the two shows you want  these atmospheres.
3. The text of your  national dialogue or a  description of the show if it
 is mime and / or if some dances are included (and only under these conditions).
    I I– CASTING TO DO asap
    Please you to check your lists of people implicated in the mobility C5 and compare 
    with students supposed to play a role, because we need these informations to do the 
    rooming now. That's the reason why we are waiting for a list with your cast (even if you 
    did no change) and all the names of people who  will come to France.
    Festival and project ON LINE Website is designed for a large audience Please you not to try again to upload but give us your files if you want show more about your productions using this portal.

jeudi 9 novembre 2017

R4 results and report

On Google play 
now, a little vidéo:

pic above: Closing Dinner at Hanul Dacilor
And from the 15th of november, find on Nbe+ website: 
about C5 organization and R5 planning

dimanche 5 novembre 2017

mercredi 18 octobre 2017


Elèves et professeurs ont fêté le 6 octobre la troisième et dernière année du partenariat Erasmus+ "Nuits Blanches NBE+".  L'occasion d'inaugurer officiellement le "corner" européen du lycée, mais aussi d'annoncer le Festival qui se déroulera en Avril prochain à Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Les cinq lycées partenaires interpréteront notamment dans ce cadre une réécriture parodique du mythe de Dracula...

lundi 16 octobre 2017

VAMPIRES TRIP : our common dialogue

à partir de toutes les contributions nationales
Festival management Note FM2
(Feedback 1)
A transnational narrative in the form of dialogues has been written. It must allow to play together a piece showing the fears of today and how we can sometimes fight/overcome them. The text is ready and will be sent to partners tonite or tomorrow morning (the translation into English to be finished). The piece is of a rewrite of Dracula's legend and takes into account the synopsis you sent us before C04. Thanks to all the teams for providing interesting narratives or sketches, which we were able to link in one another.The outcome seems appropriate and there is therefore no reason to assume that significant changes need to be made by the time we discuss Cluj-Napoca in the R4 Seminar.

THANK YOU TO THE CASTING: what students to play the characters?
Reminder  :the text will be accessible from the Twinspace where comments can be filed. If rearrangements occur by early November, a new edition of the dialogue narrative would be produced in view of R4 (FEEDBACK 2).

ABOUT NATIONAL PRODUCTIONS: We believe that the final text of the Dialogue that you will play in Saint-Jean-de-Luz (only your team on the stage!) does not need to be ready in early November. Thank you for coming to Cluj with a synopsis, and some detailed indications on your needs (light, decor ...) to talk with Jean-Marc. A deadline for the transmission of the text will be set, in order to allow a translation in French, so that the non-English speaking public can appreciate your work !

R4 Some partners did not ever say how many teachers or people would be involved in this meeting. Please you to give the missing informations to Ramona Zetea in order the hotel to know how many males or females will be present, and how many rooms you want !

dimanche 15 octobre 2017


Since no student from Saint-Jean-de-Luz had come to Cesme for C4 meeting (it was unfortunately forbidden for them to be implicated in the mobility), 11 french students and three teachers went to Cluj-Napoca from the 9th to the 13th of October, 2017, willing to study Dracula's myth. They had also activities with Colegiul Economic Iulian Pop's team about fears in totalitarian regimes.

This bilateral exchange was a way to produce the definitive draft for the common narative all the partners will have to play together  in april (the synopsis/pitch was fixed during C4 in Cesme and the plan to write dialogs was done  in Riga).

FEEDBACK 1 is now finished. The Romanian team is just ending the english translation before to edit it.

Find a report for this bilateral short-term exchange on

samedi 7 octobre 2017


Official inauguration of the Erasmus+corner in Lycée Ravel was done the 6th of october. The projects we are leading were presented by Headmaster and Teachers to students and municipality with the support of Mrs Dutoya, regional deputy. We have also shown a film about Romanian study travel C3 (november, 2016) since we'll go back to Cluj-Napoca from the 9th to the 14th of october to make local field reports (Peurs, Guerre et Totalitarisme ; Impact économique et social des Mythes).
There was a little cocktail aftter the photo session and a video projection.

We also celebrated in advance the #erasmusdays and the Thirty Years of the Erasmus program : thanks to the support provided by the European commission for education and youth....

mercredi 4 octobre 2017

French contribution to the common play

Here is our contribution for the common play. The title could be "How Dracula met Izen Gabea".
Dracula would not be the name of the main character : we will change it as soon as possible.

Vivienne Peraudeau-Haro.

mercredi 27 septembre 2017

FESTIVAL in 6 months !

A23+ FM1

We need to obtain early in october (or before) the definitive drafts for national tributes to the common narrative we have to write and play together. 

Why ?
Because a rewrite to link its will be done from the Romanian synopsis during the french romanian meeting in Cluj (from the 9th to the 14th)..... it will be putted on line to your attention.
After this first feedback operation, local project holders (but also students if they are interested in) will have to make an opinion about and to give proposals to change or adopt the draft.
A second feedback according to your observations will be done just before R4 (november) to have a brainstorming (during this mobility) made from concrete texts and try to approve a final text at this time.
Soon : FM2 (about number and name of characters we want).

First International coordination note 

A23 * 27/09/2017 * the 27th of september, 2017 * FM1

Hello everybody
I wish to all of you to bevery  happy at school... and elsewhere

- Do not forget, please, that  we have to do some little things together before November :
First, you know we must edit  a definitive draft for a common transnational story in early October. As Romanian project is supposed to be used as a mainstream  this work will be done during Romanian-French meeting in Cluj (October) : it's what was called FEEDBACK 1 in our plan.
Your national texts (you wrote in order its to be linked together in a single transnational story, called our common narrative)  were already given in may, 2017. But if you want to change something in, you can still do it NOW, but before the 1st of october (as it was planned in Riga during R3 meeting and published on our Gantt Chart / Turkey did it several days ago).
From October to the November seminar, the project will be changed or not according to your observations, leading to the final version of the FEEDBACK 2, before the five teams in Cluj are consulted (all operators are asked to use the Twinspace - your students can give opinion and make proposals if you decide to do so).

Second, some of us have to study together totalitarism (works to be achieved for Christmas). It could consist to compare national experiences of this sort of ideology exchanging powerpoint ?


In attachement our last international note (july)

Our planning for this scolar  year
Our transnational synopsis with selected local stories
The first draft for it (May, 20147)


Pierre-Laurent  Vanderplancke

- Veuillez ne pas oublier que nous avons quelques petites choses à faire ensemble avant novembre :

Tout d'abord, comme vous le savez, nous allons éditer le projet définitif pour notre histoire transnationale commune à la mi-d'octobre. (dans la mesure où le synopsis roumain doit servir de fil conducteur à ce récit théâtralisé, il est prévu que ce travail de rédaction intervienne lors de l'échange bilatéral Franco-Roumain programmé à Cluj du 9 au 14). Cette production correspond au FEEDBACK 1.
Vos textes  (les contributions de chaque pays censées être liées ensemble dans une histoire unique) ont été choisies en mai 2017. Si vous voulez changer quelque chose à votre texte, vous pouvez le faire MAINTENANT, avant le 1er octobre (la deadline a été adoptée durant le séminaire R3 et est publiée dans notre diagramme de Gantt / La Turquie vient de procéder à un remaniement il y a quelques jours de cela. Entre octobre et le séminaire de Novembre, le projet sera remanié en fonction de vos observations pour aboutir au FEEDBACK 2, version ultime avant la concertation des cinq équipes à Cluj (tous les opérateurs censés intervenir sont priés d'utiliser le Twinspace ; il peut s'agir de vos élèves si vous le décidez).

Deuxièmement, certains d'entre nous doivent travailler ensemble sur le totalitarisme (une tâche à accomplir pour Noël au plus tard).