DISSEMINATION - Area F : S. Güngör


E. Gurarslan was supervisor for the promotion of the project till she resigned at the end of october, 2016.Then Mrs Gungyör became the transnational projectholder /coordinator for dissemination . Ulusoy High School in Cesme has to plan advertising for the festival and to lead the dissemination of the results troughout the process and at the end....Informative documents related to the project content, visuals related to the activities and activities realized, announcements related to the activities and activities to be realized are prepared by hanging on the school project panos. 

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From December, 2016 to February, 2017

FRANCE : we were involved in celebration day in Paris ("30 ans d'Erasmus") the 9th of january and lectures were made at High School for the special workshop dedicated to local fears 
(Journée d'études basques) were covered by a beautiful article edited by the newspaper 
the 24th of January 
(explanations about Erasmus+ Nuits Blanches project 
and report of the lecture given 
by Prof. Claude Hagège).
The corner was put of the Library and a new one was beginning 
in January to be r(e)done by students of the  "Première L" division
in order to show it before the next 
High School open Day (April).

It was finished and posters were hung the 8th of March, 2017 !

Informative documents about the content of the project and announcements related to the activities were prepared by hanging on the school project panel.

Workshop work with our students about our old and modern fears, the resulting PowerPoint presentations were uploaded to the page of TwinSpace - eTwinning by the students.
From July to November 2016

In Italy
Our production in Power Point and Pictures are being used for "Orientamento" activities: in other schools, to promote the Stendhal Institute to Junior Primary Schools, by our colleagues who are taking care of this aspect
In France
A flyer to show Romania and explain main pedagogic goals for C3 was produced by Vivienne and given to teachers, students and families.
 A report on our travel to Cluj-Napoca was done by local newspaper (Sud Ouest) and published the 17th of december, on one big page with a picture of students and teachers in front of  the Turda salt mine's main entrance..
Reporting on line  of  C3 mobility by P-L V
From April to June 2016

A little report  was done in the "Sud Ouest" newspaper after we did R2
in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. A pic of the teachers team with the headmaster and our local deputy (conseillère régionale) was published.
At the end of R2 the Mayor did host the foreign partners during the local official  
ceremony organized for the "fêtes patronales de la saint-Jean".

OPEN DAY AT LYCEE RAVEL the 2th of April
Producing of a flyer about our European projects, and animation of a stand  
by P-L V with pupils from "Littérature et Société" division.              
Sharing of administration rights in a new NBE+ closed group with partners the 22th of May   Implementation of a NUITS BLANCHES board in Lycée Ravel  lobby the 1st of June
Reporting on line  of the R2 and C2 mobilities by P-L V
From October 2015 to March 2016

A school board announcing the project was prepared and hung on the wall.
The documents that contain activities of the project and outputs have been uploaded in e-twinning portal and NBE+ project website. 

As for the dissemination part we have declared our project to the local and international society with printed and unprinted media. Çeşme Life Magazine had an interview with our director and project team, we gave them information about NBE+ project. Moreover they have published our project in their monthly magazine to the concern for the society.

"To declare our project and to announce our what-we-did and our what-to-do; Gamze KARADEDE, the editor of Çeşme Life Magazine, performed an interview with our school director Hakan TÜLÜMEN, Alp ÇETİNDEMİR, Şerife GÜNGÖR, Hülya ÇELİKEL and Olcay BARAN on 27 October 2015. Then, the interview was published on November issue"

""IN FRANCE                                         
Inscription and presentation of the pupils on the eTwinning website                                  
Presentations (reports after mobility)  made  and  put on line in the Twinspace 
(also for the following periods)

Visit of caves (Urdax, Zuggaramurdi) / The 15th of October and
report on line on NBE+ website made by P-L V                                                      
Interview by RAI UNO  the 12th of December                                                                    
Invitation of a journalist : one page was published by "Sud Ouest"  newspaper 
the 30th of December in order to present the partnership and also the study travel C1
Creation of NBE+ Facebook closed group the 9th of December, 2015                              
Reporting on line  of the R1 and C1 mobilities  (Ghosts of Roma)   by P-L V                                         Making of a NBE+  corner in the Library by pupils and evaluation the 14th of january   
Writing of a post about Dracula and Frankenstein and translation of it by the pupils       
Dissemination in Romania : January, 2016
On line journal "Money Street" spoke about Nuits Blanches (in the national edition) 
and made a report on the partnership after C1