GENERAL SUPERVISION - A area : P-L Vanderplancke

Overall survey of NBE+ implementation

Coordination Globale et Gestion du ProjetP-L Vanderplancke est chargé des démarches administratives conduites au nom de tous les membres du Partenariat et/ou  en tant que pilote du Lycée coordinateur, du suivi des relations entre les partenaires  du projet "Nuits Blanches"ainsi qu'entre ces derniers et les membres du réseau ILARGIA, du fonctionnement du (futur) site NUITS BLANCHES et du blog NBE mais également de l'édition de la production intellectuelle terminale.

1 General Supervision and management of administrative tasks as international coordinator :
see our local french website (click on the wolf to access to)

2 Management of relationships with NBE+ partners and with ILARGIA network :

consult the survey notes (from Area A) in your mail boxes (for project holders) or find the most recent
file down this page
- go to the Twinspace ILARGIA 
(was supposed to be closed in 2017 but will be used as an openspace for rewrites)
- see also informations on Facebook (NBE+ private group)

3 Management of this blog and our websites
During the 1st year (2015-2016) most of  our common productions were put on line 
on  ILARGIA twinspace.
In the future ,we want to build together a common website
to disseminate (ILARGIA webszne first, and after FESTIVAL NUITS BLANCHES website).

Most of useful informations for the teachers about overall survey  are in the french coordinator's website.

International coordination PARTNERSHIP ENDING

NOTE A 32 before last meeting in CESME (Turkey)

International coordination  FESTIVAL MANAGEMENT
Notes A23 to A31 to prepare and implement
A Saint-Jean-de-Luz du 24 au 28 avril 2018

note A22
(about the "Open working space on line", the 14th of July)
and note A 21 
(R3 results abstract, the 12th of June)

Schedule agenda and rewrites management
note A18 * 20/05/17
note A19 * 22/05/17
note A20 * 06/06/2017

International coordination  FIRST PHASE ENDING
Deadlines and progres report PR2
note A17* 25/01/2017

International coordination note A16 * 25/01/2017
Erasmus+ coordination globale Vanderplancke General supervisor

EVENTS to be definitively scheduled

Thank you to the project holders for consulting the list (below) of all our study travels and transnational meetings still to be completed within the framework of our project Erasmus + "White Nights".
Each country is now requested to make known as soon as possible whether the proposed date for C5 is appropriate.
For R4 and R5, Romanian and Turkish colleagues will have to offer us specific dates.
These events should, ideally, be scheduled at the latest at study meeting C4.
Rewriting works and mobilities calendar
C4 in Cesme: First confrontations between the rewritings made by the pupils : students should choose one or more common stories (the travel is also devoted to the study of the Anatolian and Mediterranean traditions and the rites in intend to ward off fears)
FROM the 9th TO the 13rd of MAY

R3 in Riga: Discussion among teachers about contemporary fears (even fear of the future) including some plans to approach this theme with students during the school year 2017-2018 and first exchanges on the Training tools to be produced for the summer of 2018; Validation of the choices made by the pupils during C4 (an absolute necessity if some of the partners are not involved into C4).
FROM 31th of MAY TO the 3rd of JUNE

R4 in Cluj-Napoca: Brain storming concerning the practical organization of the Festival in Saint-Jean-de-Luz
DATE TO BE SPECIFIED: 3 days to be fixed, between 6th of November and the end of this month?

C5 in Saint-Jean-de-Luz:
DATE REQUIRED: FROM the 24th TO 28th of APRIL 2018
Or, failing that, the following week?

R5 in Cesme : 2018, SUMMER




Selection of productions, planning and play of a common presentation will not be able to complete the project as it will not serve the target of the project with missing student groups. (The fact that French and Italian students cannot participate in the rewriting work makes it impossible to have a common presentation.)
For this reason, C4 Cesme mobility is proposing that every country in the project first draw attention to modern fears and work with the students in their countries to write a story. Rewrites can be uploaded to the NBE + Twinspace page, which can open up to the opinions of other country students.

In the case of France, Vivienne told me that she produced pupils with photographic novels. These rewrites can, as suggested by Serife, be put online on the eTwinning platform / or we'll do a copyon a USB key so that I can take them to Cesme

International coordination note 
A15 * 02/01/2017

Erasmus+ coordination globale Vanderplancke General supervisor

A road map
Deux mobilités sont prévues d'ici à la fin de l'année solaire : C4 en mai pour confronter les pistes de réécriture élaborées dans chaque pays et amener les élèves présents à proposer des scénarios à jouer ensemble (le choix définitif sera fait par les professeurs durant R4) ; R3 en juin pour réfléchir à l'introduction de la dimension contemporaine voire prospective dans les études développées en troisième année.
Les réponses au Googleform qui vous a été récemment envoyé sont particulièrement importantes puisqu'il s'agit, à partir des deux points de Suivi CP3 et CP4 d'élaborer le second rapport intermédiaire. Il importe de faire remonter à l'agence des indications concrètes sur comment nous faisons travailler les élèves sur les réécritures, afin de démontrer que nous appliquons le projet tel qu'il a été présenté à l'origine.. ceci pour obtenir la validation de notre démarche donc le versement de la seconde partie de notre subvention (40%).
C4 goals are :
Discovery of Anatolian and Mediterranean traditions and confrontation of rewrites.
(Teachers are supposed to help students to format definitely and to select productions for the final Festival ).
It seems to me that every country will eventually show something specific on stage... but a common presentation must be planned and played together too. The idea consisting in take attention to modern fears in the terminal rewriting phasis is pertinent. We are now waiting for the program Cesme team will do !
R3 is a « re-boot » meeting :
A midterm review of innovating pedagogic processes we did actually test would have to be done. Means to evaluate the results can be put in place in order to prepare the final work of valorisation of the partnership (R5 and dissemination to do from Summer, 2018). The switch to do between sudies on past and works focused on modern fears is another point to discuss about.
We can also make the list of activities and shows we want to do during the Festival (C5, Spring, 2018) even if the final planning will be done in Cluj (R4, november of 2017)
Une feuille de route pour la suite du projet
Coming soon, two mobilities :
- C4 in Cesme
(study travel to compare synopsis and ideas from each country and to choose what sort of story our students would like to play together)
- R3 in Riga (to plan the "switch" between ancient fears' studies, and nowadays' ones).
Let's see the common NBE+ agenda 
our pedagogic monitoring page 

2°)Thanks to project holders to answer as soon as possible to our last Googleform (Check Point 3).
CP 3 and CP 4 are very important in our follow up program, since we have to do quickly the second progress report. I must send my own report to French National Agency before the end of March and have to explain - as the International Coordinator -   how we are involving in the pedagogic process we did plan in the applicant form.
So I'd like to be able to indicate how we are actually doing works for rewriting inside our schools...
in order to prove the plan is well running and to obtain more of UE grants (second fall, in April).

Do not forget that in the same time we have to fill our 
ILARGIA website/webzine up, to show some of our pupils' productions.
We can finish to do this work after Spring term, but it would be a good strategy to show on line the most rich 
point of view as possible during the probation phasis !

The way to upload in ILARGIA CMS was inserted in the last note E14. Contact both Vivienne and me if you have some problems with that.

A14 * 20/10/2016


Erasmus+ coordination globale Vanderplancke General supervisor

Our common calendar (Google Agenda) displays the following information:
C4 Cesme (study tour) from 8 to 12 May
Serife confirmed these dates.
R3 in Riga (seminar) from June 5 to 7
Please, Sanita to kindly confirm the dates or, if necessary, let us suggest another ones !
The next Check Point will be made in November (after the study travel to Cluj-Napoca).
Thank you to project holders to prepare - before December- the list of activities you conducted in your school since June. Simply insert a note in our common blog
htpp: // to publicize this list. Specify the skill area for each of the activities
(B, C, D, E or F). The same activity can enroll in several areas simultaneously !
Otherwise, if you do not want to write in the blog, send me an email please.
In the Survey transnational notes made for CP 2, made in June, most of mentioned activities were made in France, Turkey and Italy. So you can also specify some activities made in other schools partners, between early March and late May 2016, in order to complete the information of our "Official Journal".
Its contents will be "frozen" this winter and will thus be the most spectacular production to put forward at the time of deposit of our second progress report (for France, as probably for you all, this report must be prepared and submitted in March, in order to obtain payment of the second part of the subsidies promised by the EU).
This webzine is actually a common site which aims to present the best productions of our students on Dracula, vampires and other creatures of the night studied since the launch of the partnership NBE + and even before (since the launch el'eTwinnnig Ilargia in September 2015). Furthermore, it also includes a section for productions storage between teachers sharing the logon rights.
This site on Yesterday fears is a training drive before building the common site NUITS BLANCHES which will be one of the final products of the Partnership, the Festival itself, and expose information about the rewrites, the Festival and the later phase distribution (until of lectures planned in Turkey) addressing .. therefore, ultimately, "the fears of this."
Vivienne and I took lessons, so as to help you if necessary.
To write and insert something into the site.
1 You need a username and a password. If you lost them, let me know and I'll give you more.
2 We must go to the website
3 Then enter HOME / ACCUEIL and click on connection, give your username and password
4 then open in HOME, the link « create a new post »
Before confirming, remember to choose a category (or creatures festivals) otherwise we shall arrange articles (no category ) in the right place later
5 in « HELP and Tuto » a subtopic « Storage » is to store your archives (only members of the partnership will have access, not the public) but there are also helps to realize inserting images or slideshows
6 if you want to illustrate your articles, consider compressing your files (maximum size 640X480) for example using a free program like photofiltre. You open your photo in this software and click "save as" and choose the compression rate (20% for example). Ideally, each writer creates a subfolder in the Photos folder with his own images.
7 to show videos or slideshows you can place a link or source code from "clouds" such as Google Drive or microsoftdrive, or youtube; it is not very complicated but it must go through toogle editor
8 must supply the site .... its finalization will be done from February

A13 – E4

By P-L Vanderplancke (international coordinator)
and R Zetea (Colegiul Pop project driver)


The adoption of a synopsis on which the partners will then work in a common approach. This synopsis will be produced in order to make a Dracula myth common rewrite and to play it together (fully or partially) during the ending Festival. (C5 St-Jean-de-Luz).

In application of pedagogical scenario # 1 (note A12) each school will prepare from now one (or more) synopsis for future rewriting of the myth. Thess works will be presented (in a version translated into English) in Cluj. These drafts synopsis may be shaping during C3 to integrate elements related to the discovery in situ of myth and its contemporary implications.
Furthermore the teams produce (in the same period) a small presentation on local fears, which serve as an introduction to the study tour in Romania …
So, two different sort of preliminary works are wanted....

Students will choose the common synopsis (like there was a logo contest in Rome) and the joint work on this synopsis will be organized from C3. The J-M Toto and Vivienne expertise to coordinate these literary works should help find solutions to write together, concretely? And to choose the variant which would be played in France? An update will be made at C4 (Cesme end of the school year) .... R. Zetea is currently consulting on these issues Vivienne. Nothing prevents a team to work in parallel on another synopsis that will be the subject of joint study. 

A12 / 15/06/2016
NBE + NUITS BLANCHES Erasmus+ Project 
Vanderplancke International coordinator

SEMINAIRE TRANSNATIONAL  R2 - Saint-Jean-de-Luz WORKSHOP 1 informal discussions with Alessandra and Ramona yesterdayI confirm the following:1) You naturally post/upload all that you like on the blog NBE+ (insertion of articles or posts that can include images or not, to summarize yourown  activities - posts reproduced or not in your national website ). The six coordinators are blog administrators and also Alp Cetindemir (who was the team pilot in Turkey before Eda takes the role). Their articles/post do appear in the left column (click on "articles anciens" on the button at the bottom of the screen to see beyond the most recent publications).2) The supervisor and the five transnational coordinators must publish at least one monitoring note by survey period  (the period 1 exceptionally six months from  October 2015 to March 2016, subsequent periods are quarterly periods : the second from April to June 2016 and so on). This note will be published as a post - and after the period it will be stored as an archive by the supervisor inside the page dedicated to each coordinator (right column of the blog, to materialize the "official journal" we promised to make to ensure the Quality Control and follow-up of the project). Each note must be in English (or bilingual) and includes a letter (A to Pierre-Laurent, Vivienne B, C for Alessandra, Sanita D, E for Ramona and F   for Eda). The purpose of these notes is to report on activities done in the five schools in parallel (in the coordinated skill area). The idea is that all  schools will  exchange and the transnational coordinator could propose their common working tracks. (Originally it was expected that part of the tasks should be carried out by transnational team  of students through eTwinning and video conferences. The implementation was difficult in the first year but in the future maybe we'll get).4) The storage of production should not be in the future to do  in the Ilargia TwinSpace and blog NBE + is not designed for that role. It is in the common website NUITS BLANCHES - to build during the next year - that productions will be developed (sharing  administrative right like for this blogspot, but with a  different content : educational or entertaining, while the blog is for "administrative" publications).
 The report of the assessor who validated our application emphasizes the need for the establishment of Quality Control. That is why it seems important to ensure there ; it's probably the first point of which the implementation will be checked if necessary by the EU. It would be useful to bring to the workshop one paper form summarizing the local activities (dated) in order to complete the notes of the coordinators.
Thank you for your attention

Erasmus+ coordination globale Vanderplancke International coordinator

Suite à des échanges informels avec Alessandra et Ramona hier,
je vous confirme les points suivants :

1°)  Vous postez naturellement ce que bon vous semble dans "le journal" du blog, c'est-àdàre a colonne de gauche où sont publiés vos billets (ces articles ou posts, qui peuvent comprendre des images ou non, faire éventuellement la synthèse de vos activités au plan local, peuvent être reproduites ou non dans votre website national). Les six coordinateurs sont tous administrateurs du blog, ainsi qu'Alp Cetindemir (pilote en Turquie avant qu'Eda ne lui succède). Leurs articles apparaissent dans la colonne principale (cliquez sur" articles plus anciens" en bas  de l'écran  pour voir au delà des publications les plus récentes).

2°) Le superviseur (coordianteur international) et les coordinateurs transnationaux ont par ailleurs mission de publier au moins une note de surveillance par période de contrôle (la période n°1 dure exceptionnellement six mois, d'Octobre 2015 à Mars 2016) et les périodes suivantes seront des périodes à peu près  trimestrielles (la seconde va d'avril à juin 2016). Cette note de coordination sera publiée et ultérieurement archivée dans la page dédiée à chaque coordinateur (colonne de droite du blog, dont le contenu matérialiserait ainsi le "journal officiel" que nous avons promis de réaliser pour assurer le Contrôle Qualité du projet). Chaque note doit être rédigée en Anglais (ou être bilingue) et comportera une lettre (A pour Pierre-Laurent, B pour Vivienne, C pour Alessandra, D pour Sanita, E pour Ramona et F pour Eda) suivie d'un numéro d'ordre.

3°) Le but de ces notes est de rendre compte des activités menées dans les 5 écoles en parallèle dans le domaine de compétence coordonné. L'idée c'est que les écoles soient "obligées" d'échanger et que le coordinateur transnational chargé de collecter les informatinos sur ce qui est fait dans un domaine d'activité précis puisse leur proposer des pistes de travail communes. (A l'origine il était prévu que certaines tâches soient menées par les élèves de concert, grâce à des visioconférences. La mise en oeuvre a été difficile en cette première année mais dans l'avenir nous y viendrons peut-être).

4°) Le stockage des productions ne devrait plus se faire à l'avenir dans le Twinspace Ilargia mais le blog NBE+ n'est pas, d'autre part, conçu pour ce rôle. C'est dans le website commun NUITS BLANCHES - à construire durant cette prochaine année - que les meilleures productions seront mises en valeur (partage des droits d'administration analogue au système du blog, mais contenu différent : pédagogique voire ludique tandis que le blog est "administratif").
Le rapport de l'évaluateur ayant validé notre candidature insiste sur la nécessité de la mise en place du  Contrôle Qualité" prévu ; c'est pourquoi il semble important d'y veiller effecivement. C'est probablement le premier point dont la mise en oeuvre sera vérifiée le cas échéant par l'UE.
Il serait utile d'amener pour l'atelier n°1 une feuille récapitulant les activités locales, datées, pour compléter si nécessaire les notes des coordinateurs.

Erasmus+ coordination globale Vanderplancke International coordinator


RECALL (A10 abstract)
Please to each of you, skill coordinators (Vivienne, Eda, Sanita, Alessandra and Ramona) if you did not still do :  insert in our common blog, your official notes for period 1 and period 2. You must  have published one note - in english - or several notes for the first period, (dated between october  and the 30th of  march) and another note - or more -  for the second period (from april to the 30th of June). Our 1st Quality Control period was - exceptionnaly - the first semester (from october to march).But following survey periods will be three months long The more simple is to edit a list of questions about what was done in each country about your skill area (and to send it to all the partnership members as an email)  and after  that to do a resume of the answers you've got, but you can also write official coordination notes in order to make  proposals to the colleagues. If we find time to do this work before the 22th, we'll earn time during the first workshop (not the most interesting part of  the transnational meeting !).

A propos des points de contrôle évaluant la qualité de la mise en œuvre de notre projet commun et prévus pour présenter à l'UE une sorte de «Journal officiel» du projet . Les coordonnateurs des aires de compétence définies par le projet sont priés s'ils ne l'on pas fait encore d'insérer dans notre blog commun leurs notes officielles pour la période 1 et la période 2. Vous devez avoir publié une seule note - en anglais - ou plusieurs notes pour la première période, daté (es) d'entre octobre et le 30 mars), et une autre note - ou plus - pour la deuxième période (d'avril au 30 Juin). Le plus simple est d'éditer en tant que note n°1 une liste de questions sur ce qui a été fait dans chaque pays au sujet de votre domaine de compétence (et de l'envoyer à tous les membres du partenariat sous forme d' e-mail) et après cela de publier en tant que note n°2 un résumé des réponses obtenues , mais vous pouvez aussi écrire des notes officielles de coordination portant sur des propositions que vous faites aux collègues de travailler sur telle ou telle piste.
Si nous trouvons le temps de faire ce travail préliminaire avant le 22, nous gagnons du temps lors du premier atelier (qui ne sera pas a priori la partie la plus intéressante de la réunion transnationale!).

The planning and the goals assigned by local team are published on
Séminaire du 22 au 24 juin 2016
Seconde rencontre internationale entre professeurs R2 Transnational Meeting

J-M GARCIA, Proviseur
Responsable légal du Projet NBE+ pour la France
Organisation FRANCE
Lycée Ravel
2 avenue du Professeur Maranon
F64500 Saint-Jean-de-Luz
Project Holders : Péraudeau - Vanderplancke
Mme Alessandra Soriente

Arrival the 21that BILBAO Airport 20 : 25
Departure the 25th from BILBAO 17 : 50
Mme Sanita Mežiniece
Mme Olga Vinogradova
Mme Ineta Romanovska

Arrival the 21that BILBAO Airport 13 : 30
Departure the 27th from BILBAO 14 : 15
Mme Ramona Zetea
Mme Rodica Buburuz
Mme Codruţha Negruţiu (chef d'établissement)

Arrival the 21that DONOSTIA 13 : 05
Departure the 24th from SAINT-JEAN-DE-LUZ 14 : 00
Mme Eda Gürarslan
Mme Ṣerife Güngör,
M Alp Çetindemir
M Hakan Tülümen (chef d'établissement)

Arrival the 21that BILBAO Airport 21 : 40
Departure the 27th from BILBAO 09 : 50

Erasmus+ coordination globale Vanderplancke International coordinator
ILARGIA. Our eTwinning webzine will be on line at the end of this year ; two articles (about local carnival and about Walpurgis) are to be inserted by our german partner. [We'll choose some of our own students' products to complete it, for example during R2 meeting].
DELAYS The Control Quality shows we have big recurrent problems to respect the plan, and especially some of the deadlines. It could have bad impacts … [and I must repeat it!]
Pierre-Laurent Vanderplancke - [courriers A]


1°) THE GOALS FOR C2 (2nd STUDY TRAVEL in Riga) – The planning and the goals assigned by local team
will be published on

Voyage d'études à Riga / Solstice d'été et interprétation des mythes nocturnes
Seconde rencontre internationale entre lycéens, recherche à dominante artistique et scientifique .
18. Vakara Mainu Vidusskola

Project Holders : Sania Meziniece et Olga Vinogolga
Summer solstice and interpretation.
Second meeting of High School Students, confrontation
of mythologies and night rituals. Teachers help students to implement approaches to benchmarking and structural stories and traditions.
Informations have been sent by email and you can see its on line.

Please all of you to fill if you have the informations about next scolar year. We need to know if you are free to move in October in order to plan C3 (transnational exchange in Cluj-Napoca). We have, for example, some little holidays in France.Perhaps this mobility could be delayed a little (to november?).
1. I did open a dedicated page for each of coordinator in our blog. It's your business to insert informations in it.
And, first, to collect these informations... about your skill area (B, C, D, E and F).
2. As overall supervisor I have to give to the UE regular informations about our Quality Control. It means to do a check point each trimester. But in fact, I cannot insert the results of the Check Point n°1 on NBE+ website by now, because I am still waiting one answer to the first Google Form. So, you'll find it on line as soon as possible. The first big report I have to write must be done during this summer (end of the first 12 months phasis).
It was our initial choice not to ask to local project holders to be confined in only one task and not to do reports exclusively on the local activities they are leading. So we can be involved together in all sort of common works, but you have as coordinator to collect and publish informations about your area (4 work themas and dissemination). It is important to produce a file (mail to other drivers) each trimester (or a few ones). If you do not, UE could judge that the plan is not applied. And cut off your funds ! It is no more Comenius system....
NEXT TO SEE YOU IN RIGA ! Check Point n°2 must be done in June (for the 1st of July). Did you notice that mobility Tool is now open for our sort of partnerships (between schools) ?

In attachement : Planning I will have to give to the UE

NBE+ NUITS BLANCHES european transnational strategic partnership
Projet de coopération stratégique Erasmus+ entre établissements scolaires

Coordination globale Pierre-Laurent Vanderplancke International coordinator [courriers A]
Deadlines had been fixed about follow up tasks and especially the supervision notes, but were not striclty applied.
Des délais de rigueur avaient été déterminés concernant les tâches de suivi et vérification des résultats  lors du séminaire R1, mais elles n'ont pu être strictement appliquées
Management of administrative tasks and relationships with NBE+ partners 
(and eTwinning network 's partners)

ILARGIA. Our eTwinning partner in Germany (Mrs Tschernoster, Blankenheim) will host a group of 36 french students in march. The German students are okay to do for our webszine two articles (about local carnival and about Walpurgis) linked to our main study subject yhis year – nocturnal creatures. Other eTwinners and the schools from NBE+ network will have to make some proposals about their own contributions.
Notre partenaire en Allemagne (Madame Tschernoster, de la Gesamtschule de Blankenheim) accueillera un groupe de 36 élèves Français en mars. Les élèves Allemands sont d'accord pour rédiger deux articles à insérer dans notre webzine ILARGIA (un article à propos de leur carnaval local, un autre sur la nuit de Walpurgis) en lien direct avec notre sujet. D'autres eTwinners et les lycées du réseau NBE+ auront à nous faire des propositions quant à la forme de leur propre contribution.

Control Quality. First period of our partnership will finish in summer. (the second one will run from 2016, July, to 2017, February, and the third one fom 2017, March ,to 2018, October). So we are reaching the midway point in the initial phasis, and it's time for a firts check point about C1 and R1 follow up. So, please you to fill the form you can find clicking here :

GOGGLE FORM / CHECK POINT 1 [attached piece sent by email]

As the project holder who his in charge with the overall survey, I will have some reports to do about our common activities. Grants will be paid only if we do strictly apply the plan. Remember also that we 'll have to explain all the changes we'll eventually want to do - because the terminal report will be about « mirror effect » ( all the differences - between the project and what we do - will have to be analyzed)


Twinspace chating room is operating. It could have a sense to make it be used by students ?

Visioconferences between students could be tested but we need some materials and find the good dates for that is not so easy !