A. Meziniece,  from Rigas 18. Mainu Vidduskola, must survey all the scientific tasks (including History) about the question of origins, calendars and nocturnal festivities and all the researches in order to give a rational explanation of the myths (and night antic fears).

D4 NOTE - FOURTH SURVEY PERIOD From December, 2016 to February, 2017


In order to plan the activities to be held jointly with the Institute of Turkish World Studies of Ege University within the context of the project objectives, due to the fact that one of the participants of the C4 Çeşme Movement, which will be attended by students and teachers in our country between 9-13 May 2017, is 'Mediterranean and Turkish Cultural Recognition' .On 18 th January, a meeting was held with Metin EKİCİ who is the director of the Institute of Turkish World Research at Ege University and Mr. Nihat ERÇETİN, president of Dede Korkut Yoruk Turkmen Federation and Mr. Ali DURUT, president of Menderesliler Yörük and Türkmen Association and Mr.Seçkin SARPKAYA . We decided a seminar. On Thursday, May 11, 2017, a seminar in English will be organized for our partners and guests about our old and new fears and Turkish culture, followed by the organization of Hıdrellez Celebrations to be held at the university.

D3 NOTE - THIRD SURVEY PERIOD From July to November, 2016


 Epics, Dracula and legendary myths were explored Historical documents benefited from the scientific research of the universities. And these scientific researches have been used in the Creative Writing Workshop on the rewriting of the Dracula legend. 101 students went to Izmir / Çeşme District Public Library to do research.


Questionnaires gathered information about fears.  

Students prepared presentation about fears in Latvia for short-term exchanges of groups of pupils in Romania (Cluj_Napoca). History, literature, IT and English language lessons are included in the project themes (legends, myths, Dracula, how to write essays, create Powerpoint presentations, etc.).

D2 NOTE - SECOND  SURVEY PERIOD From April  to June, 2016

A science fiction movie : Oblivion (typology and rational explanations about monsters)                 MIDSUMMER SOLSTICE : Astonomic facts                                                                         
TRANSYLVANIA : final  study
History of Romania : an historic map, evaluation  

We are planning and implementing project partner hospitality in Riga (activities, workshops, presentations on the solstice, responsible persons, support materials, etc.)
Lectures on Baltic ancient signs of strength and solstice traditions to prepare for receiving guests in Riga (Lector: Ineta Romanovska)


AVRIL 2016. Approche transdisciplinaire : réflexion sur les créatures solaires et préparation du diaporama pour la réunion a Riga C2 par Zetea Ramona, Dumitru Sorela, Dindelegan Mariana.
Transversal brainstorming in order to prepare C2

MAI 2016. Cours de Géographie, recherche sur les sites touristiques de Transylvanie en rapport avec les mythes roumains (Stanca Vescan).
Touristic impact of mythology and traditional fears

the 8th of April, 2016.

Prof. Dr. Sarpkaya, Prof. Dr. Alimcan İnayet and Ass. Prof. Dr. Muvaffak Duranlı have given a seminar about myths and legends of supernatural being in Turkish Culture not only to our school students but also to other High School Student in Çeşme district.


D1 NOTE - FIRST SURVEY PERIOD From October, 2015 to March, 2016

WITCHES : some night creatures / October to November 2015
Personal researches by students about witches (wise women)                                                                 
Sorcery and Paganism : Mithras cult (a mitrhaeum in Roma)                                           
Darkness experience  and talks about  after a cave visit                                                                          
Study of the Zuggaramurdi Museum                                                                                  
Meeting with a Joaldun (local traditions expert)                                                               
Study of Traian column and history of Roma, Dacia                                                     
First steps for a monsters typology                                                                                     
By Claude Labat : Primacy of chtonian divinities in local basque traditions     


History lessons about on the history of ancient Roma, myths, legends.


-Octobre 2015 / cours d’Anglais : Typologie des mythes européens (Camelia Curea)
Les élèves sont invités a une recherche générale, en anglais, sur les mythes et les peurs dans les pays de l’Europe.

Benchmarking traditions and terrors from all European countries                

- Novembre 2015 / travaux personnels demandés aux élèves. Chercher les mythes et légendes roumaines en rapport avec les mythes de Rome (discussion sur l’histoire daco-romaine) ; recherche sur le culte de Mitra. Préparation de diaporamas en vue du premier voyage d'étude à Rome (C1).
Investigation on roman roots of romanian culture ; studies about Mithra ; powerpoints

- Mars 2016 / cours d’Anglais : « Le culte du soleil –passé et présent » et cours de Francais, étude comparée des fêtes traditionnelles et modernes dans l’UE