samedi 2 juillet 2016


SURVEY PERIOD 2 from April to June, 2016
  1. The project printed poster, sign and rollup. The signboard hangs on the outside wall of the school.(April 2016)
  2. Olcay BARAN, Literature Teacher of our school, participated the 6 hour workshop themed "Invisible Theater" and which was led by Ass. Assoc. Dr. Selda ERGÜN and held at the Contemporary Drama Association İzmir Branch on 2nd April 2016.
  3. In context of the project and with the contribution of Ege University Institute of Turkish World Studies (Prof. Dr. Alimcan İNAYET, Assoc. Dr. Muvaffak DURANLI and Lecturer Seçkin SARPKAYA), our school held a panel on "Extraordinary Creatures of Turkish Culture and Turkish Myth" at Çeşme District National Education Directorate conference hall. With this, the aim to disseminate the project with the district Çeşme was actualized through the participation of all students and students district wide. Also, some products of the project such as paintings, photos, books, objects, soaps were exhibited during the panel. We also published some project posters and hang them on related places such as schools and educational buildings, and also share them on
  4. On 9th April 2016, our Turkish Literature Teachers Olcay BARAN and Hülya ÇELİKEL with a group of 19 students of us organized a museum-workshop tour (Konak Municipality Nejdet Alpar Mask Museum, Konak Municipality Cheer and caricature Museum and Konak Municipality Ümran Baradan Game and Toy Museum).
  5. At Alaçatı Herbal Festival on 7-10 April 2016, Şerife GÜNGÖR (Chemistry Teacher) and Alp ÇETİNDMİR (Assistant Director) introduced the project and the project products to the Çeşme Society which contain Shahmeran, gray wolf, Gulyabani and wish tree figures, all of which were produced by the students of us.
  6. 26- Once in every week between the dates of 14th February and 25 June 2016, our literature teachers Hülya ÇELİKEL and Olcay BARAN organized and led a drama workshop at between 10.00-17.00. For the first four weeks of the workshop, Mrs. Elif ÖZARI, a leader in Contemporary Drama Association, led the workshop.
  7. Students participated in drama workshops to play in Riga; about Traditions and customs, symbols in Turkish culture, rituals, fortune and magic. (April-May 2016)

Turkish Team

SURVEY PERIOD 3 from July to November, 2016

ACTIVITIES IN ÇEŞME1. A meeting was held as a project member with the announcement of the program C3 of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, which will take place between 7-11 November 2016. A slide about our old fears and a drama about the subject were decided to work. For the correctness of the information on the slide to be prepared at this point, assistance was requested from Ege University Institute of Turkish World Research Institute and Turkish Folklore Ph.D. student Mr. Seçkin SARPKAYA for guidance and a slide was prepared under his guidance. (September 2016)

2. The Creative Writing Workshop was held to create scenarios about myth of fear and Dracula's legend.( between September and November)

3. Creative Drama workshop about fear myths and Sahmeran. (at the end of September)

4. Painting Workshop was held with drawings related to the myth and Dracula legend.(between September and November)

5. With 101 students, we went to Izmir / Çeşme District Public Library to do research on our old and modern fears.( October 2016)

6. We invited Mr. Seçkin SARKKAYA, a lecturer at the Ege University Institute of Turkish World Research and a Turkish Folklore Ph.D. student, to Romania for the C3 Cluj-Napoca movement with the approval of the schoolmaster. Mr.Seçkin SARPKAYA welcomed our invitation in October 2016.

7. During the October-December 2016 period, in order to prevent from school dropouts, an informative seminar work on occupation, work anxiety and fear was done and nearly
300 schoolchildren and their families attended it.

8. A meeting was held on Tuesday, 22 November 2016 with the director of the Yellow Zeybek Dance and Performing Arts Association and the instructor Onur TABAK who graduated from the Ege University State Conservatory, and an agreement was reached with the students to give them courses on Turkish folk dances and drama studies.

9. Informative documents about the content of the project and announcements related to the activities were prepared by hanging on the school project panel.

10. Within the scope of dissemination activities, TRT Kent Radyo, a local radio in Izmir, was promised to promote the project with Ege University Institute of Turkish Earth Research Institute and Turkish Folklore PhD student Sayın Seçkin SARPKAYA. On 07 December 2016 Wednesday at 15.00 Hayata Dair program, Instructor Seçkin SARPKAYA introduced İlargia NBE + project, Romanian Cluj-Napoca tour and Count Vladimir (Dracula legend).

Turkish team