mercredi 22 juin 2016


From October 2015 to March 2016
1-A school board announcing the project was prepared and hung on the wall.
2- The documents that contain activities of the project and outputs have been uploaded in e-twinning portal and NBE+ project website. 
3- As one of our tasks in the project is to mention about our two Legends, Şahmeran and Gulyabani, some of our school teacher in the department of Literature and some of our students have attended in the third international Turkish States and World Cultural Congress based on the books of Dede Korkut ( Epic Stories of Oghuz Turks) which has been arranged by Aegean University between the dates of 9th and 23rd October 2015 at İzmir Çeşme Ilıca Hotel. Our teachers and students have been informed about myths and legends of the cultural heritage of Turkish World. 
4- In terms of Drama activities, we have kept in touch with a theatre company called "Mekanartı", which displays the play Şahmeran.
5-We have mailed to İzmir Drama Association for helping us to make masks, puppets and all factoring workshops in our school.
6-Some of the teachers had a cultural visit to Tarsus, which is a city well-known by the legend of Şahmeran.  
7- There had been a drama course for our students by the help of our literature teachers every weekend from the beginning of 14th of February 2016 to 25th June 2016. In this drama course our students have created new products to improve the project implementation.
8-Mrs. Elif Özar, who is one the leads of İzmir Contemporary Drama Association, has participated in our drama workshop and supported NBE+ projects and our students.
9- As for the dissemination part we have declared our project to the local and international society with printed and unprinted media. Çeşme Life Magazine had an interview with our director and project team, we gave them information about NBE+ project. Moreover they have published our project in their monthly magazine to the concern for the society. 

From March 2016 to July 2016
1- Prof. Dr. Sarpkaya, Prof. Dr. Alimcan İnayet and Ass. Prof. Dr. Muvaffak Duranlı have given a seminar about myths and legends of supernatural being in Turkish Culture not only to our school students but also to other High School Student in Çeşme district on 8th April, 2016.
2- Also, we had an exhibition, which includes all of the photos, products, books, poster to attract attention of the society in Çeşme Directorate of National Education.
3-We also attended a local festival, "Cesme Alacati Herbal Festival" to make the local people be aware of our projcet, that is to create awareness of the society.