lundi 2 janvier 2017

Best Wishes to teachers, students and everybody...

2nd year  
of the 
Nuits Blanches Erasmus+ partnership 

Bâtir un projet culturel commun
Connaître les peurs anciennes pour faire face aux peurs du Présent

coordination note A15 * 02/01/2017

Deux mobilités d'ici à la fin de l'annnée solaire: C4 en mai pour confronter les pistes de réécriture élaborées dans chaque pays et amener les élèves présents à proposer des scénarios à jouer ensemble (le choix définitif sera fait par les professeurs durant R4) ; R3 en juin pour réfléchir à l'introduction de la dimension contemporaine voire prospective dans les études développées en troisième année.

Coming soon, two mobilities :
- C4 in Cesme
(study travel to compare synopsis and ideas from each country and to choose what sort of story our students would like to play together)
- R3 in Riga (to plan the "switch" between ancient fears' studies, and nowadays' ones).
Let's see the common NBE+ agenda 
our pedagogic monitoring page

Thanks to projectholders to answer as soon as possible to our last Googleform (Check Point 3).
CP 3 and CP 4 are very important in our follow up program, since we have to do quickly the second progress report. I must send my own report to French National Agency before the end of March and have to explain - as the International Coordinator -   how we are involving in the pedagogic process we did plan in the applicant form.
So I'd like to be able to indicate how we are actually doing works for rewriting inside our schools...
in order to prove the plan is well running and to obtain more of UE grants (second fall, in April).

Do not forget that in the same time we have to fill our 
ILARGIA website/webzine up, to show some of our pupils' productions.
We can finish to do this work after Spring term, but it would be 
a good strategy to show on line the most rich 
point of view as possible 
during the probation 
phasis !