mercredi 25 janvier 2017


International coordination note A16 * 25/01/2017

Erasmus+ coordination globale Vanderplancke General supervisor

EVENTS to be definitively scheduled

Thank you to the project holders for consulting the list (below) of all our study travels and transnational meetings still to be completed within the framework of our project Erasmus + "Nuits Blanches".
Each country is now requested to make known as soon as possible whether the proposed date for C5 is appropriate.
For R4 and R5, Romanian and Turkish colleagues will have to offer us specific dates.
These events should, ideally, be scheduled at the latest at study meeting C4.

Rewriting works and mobilities calendar

C4 in Cesme: First confrontations between the rewritings made by the pupils : students should choose one or more common stories (the travel is also devoted to the study of the Anatolian and Mediterranean traditions and the rites in intend to ward off fears)
FROM the 9th TO the 13rd of MAY

R3 in Riga: Discussion among teachers about contemporary fears (even fear of the future) including some plans to approach this theme with students during the school year 2017-2018 and first exchanges on the Training tools to be produced for the summer of 2018; Validation of the choices made by the pupils during C4 (an absolute necessity if some of the partners are not involved into C4).
FROM 31th of MAY TO the 3rd of JUNE

R4 in Cluj-Napoca: Brain storming concerning the practical organization of the Festival in Saint-Jean-de-Luz
DATE TO BE SPECIFIED: 3 days to be fixed, between 6th of November and the end of this month?

C5 in Saint-Jean-de-Luz:
DATE REQUIRED: FROM the 24th TO 28th of APRIL 2018
Or, failing that, the following week?

R5 in Cesme : 2018, SUMMER


------------------------------------------------ Note A15 * 02/01/2017
Coming soon, two mobilities :
- C4 in Cesme
(study travel to compare synopsis and ideas from each country and to choose what sort of story our students would like to play together)
- R3 in Riga (to plan the "switch" between ancient fears' studies, and nowadays' ones).
Let's see the common NBE+ agenda 
our pedagogic monitoring page 

2°)Thanks to project holders to answer as soon as possible to our last Googleform (Check Point 3).
CP 3 and CP 4 are very important in our follow up program, since we have to do quickly the second progress report. I must send my own report to French National Agency before the end of March and have to explain - as the International Coordinator -   how we are involving in the pedagogic process we did plan in the applicant form.
So I'd like to be able to indicate how we are actually doing works for rewriting inside our schools...
in order to prove the plan is well running and to obtain more of UE grants (second fall, in April).

Do not forget that in the same time we have to fill our 
ILARGIA website/webzine up, to show some of our pupils' productions.
We can finish to do this work after Spring term, but it would be a good strategy to show on line the most rich 
point of view as possible during the probation phasis !

The way to upload in ILARGIA CMS was inserted in the last note E14. Contact both Vivienne and me if you have some problems with that.
C4 goals are :
Discovery of Anatolian and Mediterranean traditions and confrontation of rewrites.
(Teachers are supposed to help students to format definitely and to select productions for the final Festival ).
It seems to me that every country will eventually show something specific on stage... but a common presentation must be planned and played together too. The idea consisting in take attention to modern fears in the terminal rewriting phasis is pertinent. We are now waiting for the program Cesme team will do !
R3 is a « re-boot » meeting :
A midterm review of innovating pedagogic processes we did actually test would have to be done. Means to evaluate the results can be put in place in order to prepare the final work of valorisation of the partnership (R5 and dissemination to do from Summer, 2018). The switch to do between sudies on past and works focused on modern fears is another point to discuss about.
We can also make the list of activities and shows we want to do during the Festival (C5, Spring, 2018) even if the final planning will be done in Cluj (R4, november of 2017)