mercredi 1 mars 2017


SURVEY PERIOD 4 from December- 2016 to February- 2017


1. Turkish Folk Dances and drama studies were announced to the students and the work began on Thursday, December 08, 2016 with volunteer students.

2. Informative documents about the content of the project and announcements related to the activities were prepared by hanging on the school project panel.

3. Workshop work with our students about our old and modern fears, the resulting PowerPoint presentations were uploaded to the page of TwinSpace - eTwinning by the students.

4. In order to plan the activities to be held jointly with the Institute of Turkish World Studies of Ege University within the context of the project objectives, due to the fact that one of the participants of the C4 Çeşme Movement, which will be attended by students and teachers in our country between 9-13 May 2017, is 'Mediterranean and Turkish Cultural Recognition' .On 18 th January, a meeting was held with Metin EKİCİ who is the director of the Institute of Turkish World Research at Ege University and Mr. Nihat ERÇETİN, president of Dede Korkut Yoruk Turkmen Federation and Mr. Ali DURUT, president of Menderesliler Yörük and Türkmen Association and Mr.Seçkin SARPKAYA . We decided a seminar. On Thursday, May 11, 2017, a seminar in English will be organized for our partners and guests about our old and new fears and Turkish culture, followed by the organization of Hıdrellez Celebrations to be held at the university.

5. ​​In our school , about the project on the theme of "Modern Fears", poster designing and story writing competitions have been organized. The delivery date of the products prepared for the competitions is determined as 17 March 2017.
Turkish team