jeudi 23 mars 2017


Published on Sunday, the 19 th of March

Our Gantt Chart joined to the applicant form :

Mobilities during the 20 months first period 
according to our original schedule time table :

click and... See our definitive planning chart

List of Mobilities

R1 delayed (not in september, 2015 but in november)
main reason : it was too early because
the project implementation and all administrative 
tasks were not finished, the first fall (european funds) was later 

C1 on time / has been slignthy deffered (only 10 days later)
R1 was delayed, so C1 too.. but not so much
and it was eventually impossible for Cesme team to fund it

C2 on time / had been slightly advanced (only 15 days earlier)
main reason : after C2 we wanted a suitable date for everybody
and this one was choosen
in order to satisfy everybody

R2 just on time
A new schedule timetable for the following mobilities was elaborated and put on line
("Monitoring" page was opened in the coordinator's website)

C3 a little delayed (not in october but in november)
main reason : nobody wants a mobility next to the "back to School" days

C4 on time/ has been slightly deffered (only 10 days)

R3 was implemented in June (not in November)
because it becomes a switch meeting
between first and second pedagogic phase
(R2 issues)

Uploads on the new website to do, old fears are no more our main target....
Our eTwinnning is to be definitively closed

A review of the
First 20 months period
will be done during R3
Remaining 3 mobilities 

R4 will be advanced in november (not in april)
This schedule was decided during R2 to avoid any problem about preparations in the case 
we would be obliged to advance the Festival C5
(We were afraid to be obliged to advance it because 
we didn't want to disturb exams' preparation)

E1/R5 in Cesme : in summer