lundi 6 mars 2017


1. Scheduling events
R4 : Cluj team's proposal is to do the next meeting in november 
(from the 8th to the 10th of November)
Please to all the partners to check this date and confirm to Ramona and me it is okay. 

We are waiting also for answers about C5 in France – supposed to be implemented from the 24th to the 28th of april, 2018.

2. Deadlines
We have not to use Ilargia Twinspace anymore, and we did promise we'll put on line students' best products in the
If it's too difficult for you to upload materials inside the website ("How to do ?" was described in A14 note) you could  publish its in the Twinspace (and we'll move its after that to help you).... or you could even send its to us by « we transfer » (an apply for heavy files).
But we absolutely need to show more of our works during the next weeks (when EU administrators will have to approve our second  progress report)... The other reason is that we need to prove we are applying the plan (R2 issues).
We have to write and to send to the national agencies the second progress report 
(In France, it must be done before the 13th of march).

In order to satisfy specific demands from our Agency, please to all of you to make as soon as possible fill by your students the evaluation Google form did by Romania (link in E5 note) and to take care of these proposals :
As our partners from Cesme did not take part in Roma C1 event, the French  Erasmus+ agency  wanted (after we sent to  her our first progress report in september) more students from Turkey in the following study travels.  Increasing the number of students was done by the Ulusoy team in order to target the initial mobility goals during C2 and C3 (but in fact, the Agency believed from the beginnings it would be a good thing to take more students from Cesme, even more than it was said in our candidacy form). A solution could be to come to Saint-Jean-de-Luz (for the final festival 
C5  « Nuits Blanches ») with a bigger crew ?
Unfortunately, no students from France - and perhaps Italy _ will be in Cesme. So the Agency told us to make bilateral exchanges in order not to loose any grants . The Agency wish us to  maintain the number of mobilities we have thought to do. So we could go to Romania (French students) in October and Italian students could  come to France en January...
    3. Next mobilities                            
C4 in Cesme wil be the  meeting for confrontation between the rewrites made by the pupils : students should choose one or more common stories (the travel is also devoted to the study of the Anatolian and Mediterranean traditions and the rites in intend to ward off fears)
FROM the 9th TO the 13rd of MAY
All  that Turkish team need is each partner's story. Therefore a common synopsis Can be chosen here  in Çeşme. 
So it's important to put on line your best synopsis before the meeting (or to bring it with you). The pedagogic scenario 1 (A12 note) is to be performed : so national teams could perhaps play during C5 a short story they did themselves and one masterpiece would be done together
R3 in Riga: Discussion among teachers about contemporary fears (even fear of the future) including some plans to approach this theme with students during the school year 2017-2018 and first exchanges on the Training tools to be produced.
Ten articles must be written as our intellectual output and the repartition of responsabilities could be done there !
FROM 31th of  MAY TO the 3rd of  JUNE 

4. Help for progress report
Please you to compare what you did declare to the international coordinator and what you did effectively because our progress reports must not be divergent ! It is said to me I have to explain when you ve made things. So I pray you to check the attachement piece and to fill it before the 12th of march for me to complete my informations.