dimanche 10 avril 2016


  1. A school bulletin board on which announcements related to the project content, announcements, events related to the activities and activities, announcements related to the activities and activities to be realized will be shown have been organized and prepared. Information, announcements, announcements, completed events, etc. are made here in and especially the attention of school students is kept alive. Shares are continually being supported and updated on the e-twinning page of the project, NBE + The "Nuits Blanches" Partnership's Blog, via the school webpage.
  2. 30 students of our school (T-10/A) with a group of teachers (Hülya ÇELİKEL, Olcay BARAN and Gülay CANBEK) participated in a 3rd International congress based on DEDE KORKUT and Turkish World organized by Ege University Institute of Turkish World Studies on 19-23 October, 2015.
  3. In accordance with our project, Hülya ÇELİKEL, one of the teachers of Turkish Language and Literature in our school, participated in 2nd International Children and Youth Literature Symposium held in İstanbul on 23-24 October.
  4. To declare our project and to announce our what-we-did and our what-to-do; Gamze KARADEDE, the editor of Çeşme Life Magazine, performed an interview with our school director Hakan TÜLÜMEN, Alp ÇETİNDEMİR, Şerife GÜNGÖR, Hülya ÇELİKEL and Olcay BARAN on 27 October 2015. Then, the interview was published on November issue.
  5. Our school teachers Hülya ÇELİKEL, Olcay BARAN and Abdulkadir GÜLNAR and a group of students made a visit to Tarsus, a city and once a country of snakes' king on November SHAHMERAN. In this visit, we tracked the history of SHAHMERAN, Tarsus and natural beauties of Tarsus. We also made a workshop on Shahmeran craftsmanship with the help of Gülnaz DOLKUNDARI and Nebile DOLKUNDAR, experts on Shahmeran crafting.
  6. We e-contacted with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality City Theater to get some help for some documents, tours, and activities on GULYABANI, and we made a day trip to Bursa to view the GULYABANI theater activity and to make a cultural visit there. Also we had the chance to meet the players and the authorities of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality City Theater. Then, Mr. Ertan AKMAN, the art director of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters, and Mrs. Mine ŞENSİN, the director of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Cultural and Social Affairs, gave us the text of GULYABANI playbook.
  7. To get help for puppet, mask, craft workshops and Gulyabani themed drama sessions, we e-contacted with Izmir Branch of Contemporary Drama Association and requested the association to lead us on the issue.
  8. Activities concerning project-related drama studies and folk dances were planned and these activities were announced to the students within the school. Parent permission petitions were taken for the students who wanted to participate.
  9. To be able to work on project related drama, Olcay BARAN gave social activity classes and visual art classes to 9th grade students. In this context, during workshops and classes, photograps and videos were produced and shared via communication tools.
  10. In accordance with the 5th İzmir Improvisation Festival, Turkish Literature Teacher, Olcay BARAN attended the 6 hour improvisation techniques workshop on 5 December 2015 with the counseling of William COLLINS and Darrel ALDRIDGE, and then got a attendance certificate on body movement, rhythm and motion therapy. This attendance was evaluated in student mobility drama shows and will also be evaluated on other oncoming shows.
  11. On 8th December 2015, we went to the district public library. There, the activity " We and our students are investigating the mythological elements and creatures in our legends and tales" was realized with the 21 volunteer students of 9th grade under supervision of Olcay BARAN and Hülya ÇELİKEL, teachers of Turkish literature.
  12. On 14th December 2015 at 20:00, a group of 22 teachers of ULUSOY MTAL attended a drama play named "Machbeth", which refers to our fears and staged by a Georgian theatre group at Selahattin Akçiçek Cultural Center within 5th İzmir Theater Festival.
  13. The 9th graders of ULUSOY MTAL watched the movie "I, Frankenstein", 2014 USA film, in our conference room on 21st January 2016.
  14. Our teachers Olcay BARAN and Hülya ÇELİKEL attended the 26th International Creative Drama Congress with the theme "Social Gender and Woman" and the Finnish leader Kimmo TAHTİVİRTA's 12 hour workshop titled "Questioning Gender Roles Through Mask Theater" in order to question the state of being woman in society and the fears arising with it. They also attended the drama play activity titled "Here Today" in order to observe the state of being human in society and the fears arising with it.
  15. Due to the debate contest on 28th January 2016, Konak Municipality Woman Museum tour and workshop was realized with the participation of 15 students of us, Hülya KESLER and Olcay BARN of Ulusoy Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School.
  16. Within the scope of our project, a group of our teachers (Olcay BARAN, Hülya KESLER, Şerife GÜNGÖR, Eda GÜRARSLAN, Nesrin ACIR and Fazilet KIRTAY) participated a theater play titled "Frankenstein", which Çolpan İLHAN-Sadri ALIŞIK theater staged on 2th April 2016.
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